Mastering The Power Of Perception

A powerful one-day workshop in which you will have an intimate experience with the illusive quality of perception, and gain the knowledge and tools to successfully navigate it.




We are driven to look for evidence that “proves” what we already know, or think we know.

It doesn’t matter if the evidence, or what we already believe, is true or not. This phenomenon is deeply rooted in our survival mechanism and has served us well over the millennium. Peter Wason, a cognitive psychologist, called this confirmation bias. However, along with being useful it also has a downside.

What if we believe, deep down, that we are not capable, not meant for success, not worthy of love, not smart, or just not good enough? These beliefs are the foundation for how we perceive ourselves. We will then seek out evidence to support those beliefs and will close the door on experiencing our full potential.

In this workshop you will discover why we have such debilitating perceptions of ourselves. You will see how recent discoveries in neuroscience have helped to crystallize why we behave the way we do and why that behavior sometimes does not support us in achieving our dreams and goals.

I promise that if you fully participate in this workshop, you will have a profound personal experience of how this phenomenon shows up in your everyday life. And you will learn the techniques that will enable you to begin to shift your limiting self-perceptions.

You will discover:

That your perception rarely matches reality and why.
The different types of memory and how they influence “how it feels to be you.”
How your perception literally builds your brain.
The role your attention plays in shaping your behavior.
Recent findings in neuroscience regarding the power of mindfulness practice.
The techniques to have these influences support what you are committed to in life.

You will experience:

A profound sense of peace and freedom.
A breakthrough in your ability to produce results.

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