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How I Do it
The truth is you do it! There is no magic here. You are completely able to produce the results you want in your life. You have within you all the answers that you seek.

Now, having said that, we humans have a way of sabotaging ourselves by creating limiting conversations. Then we find evidence to support those conversations, and they become as real and true as the color of your hair. The only problem is we do not want that color of hair! We fight and resist, thinking that will somehow impact the negative conversation. It never does.

Say for example, someone told you that you were a moron or an idiot like a parent, you would believe it because, when you are a child, your parents are superheroes and so they must be right! It doesn’t even have to be something they said. It could be how your parents interacted with you.

Maybe your father worked a lot and was stressed out when he came home and didn’t spend quality time with you. You, being a child, might take it personal because you can’t understand why he wouldn’t want to be with you unless something was wrong with you! So, you make up that you are some how not worthy of his attention.

We have experiences that create our memories, ("My father didn’t pay attention to me"). Now, that’s not what happened. What happened was your father didn’t spend a lot of time with you. Somewhere along the line, you made up that it means, "He didn't pay attention to me" and added a reason like, “I must be defective, not worthy, not lovable”, which is your perception of what happened. So, whenever your father didn’t spend time with you, your perception was influenced by this thought/experience,
because we don’t separate what happened from our perception of what happened. It’s all blended together like it is the same thing!

So now, whenever someone in your life does not pay attention to you, you get reactivated by this thought/experience. For example, if your wife, husband or someone else in your life does something that you
perceive to be, "not paying attention to me", bam... you are right back in this painful experience (“I must be defective, not worthy or lovable).

This example may not resonate with you, but we all have some version of this that runs our life and dictates how we will respond to our circumstances. Consequently, we sell our soul and give away our power. We don’t accomplish the things we think a “worthy or lovable” person could accomplish because it is not consistent with who we think we are.

As your coach, I will interact with you like you are the whole, complete and creative person that you are. I will not “buy into” your limiting conversations and I will work with you to embrace those conversations, so you will have the experience of freedom instead of suffering.

You create your own agenda, (the focus on producing the results that you want in your life). I keep track of your agenda and support you in articulating your dreams, creating a plan to achieve them through setting goals and compassionately pointing out when you are ‘buying into” your limiting conversations.

What are the logistics?

First, if this sounds like a journey you are ready to take then,
contact me and we have a conversation that might take up to two hours. This gives us the opportunity to see if we are a fit and if we want to commit to this journey together. This initial consultation is, of course, free. Once we decide to work together, we hammer out a time and payment agreement that works for us both. Simple, and life changing!